Emma St. Clair

by Emma St. Clair

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Emma St. Clair via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Collection of songs written and recorded between November 2014 and January 2015 in my bedroom. I was sure they'd stay there but apparently not. Also available in cassette form from diy4lyfe.bandcamp.com


released February 28, 2015

Thanks Thom Yorke, Lil B, mom and God.



all rights reserved


Emma St. Clair Mission Viejo, California

Schoolgirl sadcore, pathetic wave, postsad, piano anti-house, I-can't-play-guitar-core, sadgirlbedroompop, I-got-dumped-rock etc.

Is being sad a meme yet?

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Track Name: Communist Sympathy in the Northern Orange County Area
Frozen hands and hollow bones
That float me when I try to drown myself
In the bath or in the waves
Guess they’re keeping me safe
Cause I won’t give you the satisfaction
Of knowing I care that much anyway

But you’re in the same place I found you
Hope that doesn’t bother you much
And the next time I see you,
it will be more than enough
To know you’re fine without me
And I am fine too
(To burn down this whole place,
cause so what’s so great about Orange County anyway?)

Accident, a circumstance
It could happen to anyone
But every car that comes down my street
Is driven by your ghost
But, I won’t give you the satisfaction
Of knowing I care that you’re alone
Track Name: Communist Sympathy in Your Home Town
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
And I have nothing else to give you.
Track Name: Metaphor Part I: A Goodbye
I am headaches the deepest of sighs
A problem to be solved and jail time
We both just want to be this if it kills us in the process
So I am irrational numbers and second hand

Oh, what a great metaphor for our times
Oh, what a great metaphor of our lives

And you're the only friend I had in the second grade
You're the sunburn I wished would never go away
So I could press my fingers into my arm
I loved the temporary tendencies of the marks

And this will hurt well into next year
Track Name: C is for Pseudo-Apathy
I hope you don’t see yourself in me
Cause I won't make this easy on you

Baptized in your need to forget about me
But, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay
Going on this way for the rest of my days

Now you see the kind of person I am
And I won’t stop, I won’t stop , I won’t stop.

Can’t anyone see I’m doing my best
To put an end to all of this?
Track Name: Salvia
I thought I might float right out of my body if you weren’t apart of me
So, no, please don’t go
I overestimate myself every time but I won’t cry
You don’t have to drive me home
You know more about losing yourself than anyone I know
Track Name: Adderall
I was not made to be consumed and spat out
I need to get the taste of you out of my mouth
I was not made to be your second best
I can’t believe i let this happen again

I want you on the comedown
but i won't be your back up plan
I'm such a fucking hypocrite
but you're not your own man

I want you on the comedown
but you are not who I thought you were
I'm such a fucking hypocrite
cause I am so much worse

guess this is as good as it gets
until i am biting off my own lips
Track Name: Acid
Copyright your bad decisions
If you lose yourself, i'll find you
If you never learn to love yourself,
There is nothing else I can do

You just wanna feel something
And that's okay, I'll stay with you
If you never come back down
Darling, there is nothing else i can do

That doesn't absolve you
From saving yourself
Walking into your arms
Is like going to--
Track Name: "Sorry"
You say you're sorry
You don't know the meaning of the word
You say you're in love
But you fucking hate her
You say you're happy
But things couldn't any worse
You say you hate yourself
Can you show me where it hurts?

So you waste yourself, bleeding out for someone else
But I won't stop you from getting what you want

I say that I won't
But I'm a dirty liar
I say I don't care
That you're sleeping next to her
I say that I'm happy
Happier than ever before
I've said a lot of shit
I can't tell you what it's worth

Can't bring myself to say these things
When you won't look at me
I did everything
You can't love anything